ARTIST – Elina Chauvet

It’s time to present you another of our wonderful artists: Elina Chauvet!

Elina Chauvet is a Mexican artist and architect, who became known worldwide thanks to her installation called Zapatos Rojos (Red Shoes). The installation was born in 2009, after the killing and the disappearance of hundreds of women in Mexico, specifically in Ciudad Juàrez. The entire town and the Mexican country were too silent about the whole situation, and this work is a way to speak out loud.

The installation counts hundreds of red shoes, painted by the community all together, and places to reseble a silent march of absent women.

For the artist, the work has to be itinerant, it gets re-made every time it travels around the world. This is because it’s the process of making the shoes, painting them red, that is the focus: the people have to spend time on it, write some thoughts, really reflect on what the installation means. They have to approach each pair of shoes thinking about the woman they represent. This process counts much more than just the showing of the work.

#fact: it was in Ciudad Juàrez that the term “femicide” came to existance!

If you want to know more about the artist or the artwork, here you can find its website.

We leave a gallery of images below!

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