11 – 13 OCTOBER ’18
4 Place de Thorigny, 75003 Paris

YES AND MORE NO aims to experience truth about abuse, through the eyes of the artist.

As a result of a collaboration between IESA Arts & Culture and Eos Cultural Events, in October 2018 an exhibition will be available for the public, revolving around sexual violence, the healing power of art, and the importance of being open on the topic. Following the exhibition, some of the works will be sold at a charity event.

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YES AND MORE NO  is an exhibition revolving around sexual abuse, seeing it through the special lens of art. To know our artists selection please visit the Artists’ Page.

We are a team of six young curators, coming from very different backgrounds and nationalities. We are students of the MBA programs at IESA Arts & Culture in Paris.

The exhibition will take place between the 11th and the 13th of October 2018, just before the opening of FIAC.

The location will be Espace Thorigny, located in Le Marais, Paris.

Featured image: courtesy of Elina Chauvet.

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The Exhibition

YES AND MORE NO will be an exhibition in Paris, starting from the 11th of October until the 14th.

The exhibition wants to cover the sexual violence issue with a totally new approach, investigating the emotional response that some of the artists experienced after a sexual abuse. Many of the artists called have had or are suffering from some kind of sexual violence, and they expressed their personal feelings through one or more works of art. The artworks function both as healing tools for the artists and as ways to denounce to the world the vile action they suffered from. Some other artists work around the topic anyway, just because of their interest in the long fight against it, offering a unique view into it.

The visitors of the exhibition will have different perspectives on the topic to look at, knowing that each of them has the exact same importance. The personality of the artist is able to really come through the layers of the artwork, investigating such a personal issue. The artworks acquire in this way a depth that is immediately understandable by the observers, making the whole exhibition an intense and fluid storytelling of many voices.

As the #metoo movement has shown us, it is important to speak out in one way or another, to help change the world for the better.

The title of the show, YES AND MORE NO, was inspired by one of the works of the Danish artist Peter Brandt, Cornered (2010), a series of seven pieces of pastel on paper with incisive phrases written on them. One of those incisive phrases was in fact “Yes And More No”, that for us summarized the whole concept of consent in just a few words, like poetry. The importance of consent is at the very base of this exhibition, knowing that it should be at the base of every relationship of any kind ever. Everything is legit if all the parties agree, but as soon as the consent starts to be questioned, a problem arises: the consent should be strong and fierce, clear and simple: it’s a yes or it’s a no. The title of the exhibition makes this black and white vision a little blurred, a little more gray. Sometimes the consent changes with time, sometimes it changes with the circumstances. Sometimes it’s not what it seems to be. It should be listened to anyway, anytime, but its defining lines are not so clear sometimes. We are putting a special emphasis on the “no”, because it is from that no, expressed every time differently, that every sexual approach becomes a violence.

Featured image: courtesy of Peter Brandt.

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